Results come with time and patience.  You won’t reach your fitness goals over night.  Remember each day you work hard you are building yourself up mentally and physically and that’s what’s important.  Fall in love with your workouts and your meals, and you will reach your goals and live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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Nikkayla Noel

“I’ve personally battled with my weight my entire life. Last year I was able to lose 20 pounds and was in a great place. I suddenly got overly comfortable and thought I didn’t have to work as hard because I was already thin and ended up gaining 30 pounds back over the next year. I already knew the importance of being prepared and self-motivation but I had lost hold of that state of mind.Amirah‘s workout/meal plan has given me the tools I need to be successful again and maintain that success. I haven’t felt this confident, strong and happy in a very long time and can’t wait to see what lies ahead!”

Melissa Zermeno

“I did two weeks of Amirah‘s custom guide plan and this is my before and after i felt strong and confidence! This is proof that if you stick to it you will see results! I cant wait to do it all over again and continue doing it! She has helped me get closer to my dream body. If your contemplating joining her program, don’t, you won’t regret it.” 


Kenzie Settles

Heres a before and after of my two week progress. Not only do I see progress, I feel progress. Before starting your plan, I used to feel sluggish and tired all day, but now I’m energized throughout the day. I’ve also gained so much confidence during these past two weeks and it’s all thanks to you! Can’t wait to see what these next two weeks bring.