Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my page! My name is Amirah Abden and most people would call me a “fitness fanatic.”  I am currently a student at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI.  I am studying Communication Studies and minoring in Hospitality/Tourism.  Most people are surprised when I tell them I am not studying something related to the fitness field, but I also have a passion for working in the media field.  I previously interned at my local TV station (WoodTV8) here in Michigan and it taught me a lot of what I enjoy doing.  Communications is such a broad field and I love being able to apply it to my passion for fitness and health.

Where I began? Well, I was an athlete my whole life.  I played soccer growing up and also was a dancer.  I had a stronger passion for soccer and played travel soccer and also for my school.  That all ended when I was a junior in high school though.  I broke my ankle really bad so I had to quit playing soccer.  My senior year, I became engulfed in my social life and just wanted to have fun with my friends.  Going into my freshman year of college, all I did at this point was party and eat unhealthy.  One day, I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed I was starting to gain weight.  I knew I didn’t want to continue on this path, considering I was very athletic my whole life, so I decided to hit the gym.  I really had no idea what I was doing in the gym, but I started to learn.  I would just workout and not worry about my diet though.  I soon realized if I wanted REAL RESULTS I would need to change my eating habits.  So I began my research on what eating healthy consisted of.  I changed my eating habits and gradually started to see results.

Here I am now, confident with my body and proud of where I am today.  I know I put a lot of sweat, tears, and sacrifices into this journey and I am so grateful I never gave up.  The biggest advice I can tell someone, is to never give up.  Everything is in your mind. Fitness is exactly a mental mind game.  Stay strong mentally, make sacrifices, and never give up on your goals.  No one in life can stop you from reaching the sky.  Work hard, stay dedicated, and be real to yourself.  You can do anything in your life, you want to and I promise you that.

I’m so thankful grateful to be able to share my story with all women and young ladies out there.  I love being able to help each and every one of you individually be confident in your skin.  I’ve met so many amazing people through my Instagram account and I can’t wait to continue and grow with you all and help you achieve all your goals.